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August 10, 2019 - Gemütlichkeit Zeit!

TBA 8th Annual Celebration!!


Every year The Colorado Malting Company hosts the annual Gerste Gemütlichkeit (which means barley party). It is a private VIP event in which CMC invites friends to come up to our farm and malting company at 7,450 ft above sea level and witness the harvest, tour the malt barn and basically.....PARTY! 

The invitations are coveted by brewing, distilling and malting professionals around the world. This event brings together industry professionals to truly connect to the farm. Brewers and distillers are known to camp out in the Cody family fields all night!!! Live local bands, locally catered food, BYOB and Spirits and a famous bonfire keep everyone sharing and coming back again and again each year. If you'd like to request a ticket to this private Colorado event. Please click here to fill out our contact form. Thanks for you interest!

Party with the Cody Family on the Farm.


Come meet the legendary "Godfather of Craft Malt," Wayne Cody.

Sleep with the Grain


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