Local Means Locally Owned

Barley, Wheat and Rye


We offer the most unique malt products in the world.  We have a full line of barley, wheat and rye.

Gluten Free Malts


We have a full line of isolated malted gluten free grains.  These include red and white proso-millet, buckwheat, sunflower seeds and more.

Actually Local


We are the only Southern Colorado malting company that is actually family owned and operated by Colorado people. 

Consistent, High Quality Base Malts


Colorado Malting Company offers truly unique base malts to brewers & distillers that have no industry equivalent. The Cody Family Farm grows the grains that impart an unparalleled terroir.

The Highest Quality Roasted Malts


Colorado Malting Company uses its own proprietary & patented roasting process known as Old World Roasting® This process contributes aromatics and roasted freshness which carries through to the final product.

The Highest Quality Crystal Malts


Colorado Malting Company offers a full catalog of crystal malts. Our unique proprietary craft developed gelatinization process adds unequaled dextrine sugars and complex caramelization.  These malts make the difference in any beer or spirit.

About Us


Real Colorado Tradition

90 years ago, Ray "Pappy" Coody settled his young family in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado (SoCO). He broke the barren soil and started the farm.


The Farm

Years later, Bob Cody (not Coody anymore) took over the original 80 acre farm and expanded it into a large barley farm.  His son, Wayne, worked with Bob and operated a dairy along with the barley farm.


The Malting Life

Founded in 2008, Colorado Malting Company is now the premier craft maltster with customers all over the world.  Wayne, together with his sons Jason and Josh, own and operate this authentic farm to glass operation. 

Contact Us

See Us In Person @ OMF Brewing Company 4pm - April 8, "Tap Takeover" during 2019 CBC week in Denver

Colorado Malting Company

2064 CR 12 S, Alamosa, Colorado 81101, United States

(719) 580-0051